Wroclaw and its Gnomes

05/05/2017 The Dancing Vixen

Wroclaw and its Gnomes

Wroclaw is one place you can’t say I have nothing to do, ’cause even on a cold morning with hardly any stores open you can go gnome hunting and see the town at the same time!

Thats right gnomes. Wroclaw loves gnomes and there is approximately 495 (maybe more) gnome statues located throughout the city.

You can simply walk around and spot them along the way OR download the App (Wroclaw Dwarfs) to see exactly where they are around you. If you spot a new one you can add it onto the App as well.  Be warned though its not as easy as you think – they are small, some are on walls and poles, and some in stores/pubs/buildings etc. We went into the University’s Law Faculty building and the post office to find these guys.

Unfortunately it was a very cold drizzly morning and we did not really see much of what Wroclaw had to offer. But the Gnome hunting provided us with something to do this early morning (whilst everything was closed) and we got to walk along the river bank and in between the streets.

So if you find yourself here with nothing to do, try out the App and make a little competition out of it should you be in a big group.

P.s. we found 70 in 2 hours!

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  1. Kinda like Pokemon Go!!! 😉 Shared this post with Tom and our kiddos. It makes me happy that the “younger generation” is putting more value on travel than on stuff. Sure wish we’d done that. We are getting old(er) and there is still too much of the world to see. Keep in mind: Namibia, August 2019. We think we have Simon and Lawrie on board!!!! 🙂

    • Yeah i guess you could say that …ha ha.. i never thought of that.
      Ooh send me the details for Namibia…i would be keen. I haven’t been yet!

      • We don’t have details, yet, but we tossed around the idea on our last trip. Thabani said August is the best time to go; Tom’s 70th birthday is August 16, 2019. Tom recently got an email from Simon saying he’d mentioned the trip to Lawrie, so we think we have 4 oldies who are planning on going. Now, to get some of the youngsters!!! If not too expensive, or too long, we might be able to get our daughter, Amy, and her significant other, Jeff, to go along. It will probably be our last “adventure” trip since we aren’t getting any younger!!!! ✈️🚌😘

        • Your still young enough…keep going!
          Grest. Keep me in the loop..I’ll see if i can round up some youngsters 😉

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